Back-cover text to the Swedish edition

Back-cover text to the Swedish edition of The Enlightened Executive

A breakthrough is happening. A new and revolutionary view about the role of the business world and its opportunities is now emerging. This involves a fundamental change in the way the business world understands itself: the key-word is responsibility.

However important it is to make a sufficient profit, the central question for each company concerns the sort of world it is involved in creating and maintaining through its enterprises. The business world in other words occupies a decisive position of power when it comes to creating in a broad sense a good future for human beings and for the world. And evermore people within the business world are realizing this.

But the handling of this position of power demands leadership. A leadership with substance.

What the business community requires is not leaders with a one-sided concentration on economic and technical expansion, but leaders who recognize in depth that the business world needs to expand its horizon of responsibility. Leaders capable of formulating an inspiring and long-term, sustainable vision, and who in addition possess the wisdom and maturity needed to evoke the spirit which will make it possible to translate the vision into reality.

The Enlightened Executive is a story about such leadership. There we meet Viktor Laudén, President of Chemical Products, in the middle of a crisis in his career, and follow his dramatic outer and inner development into a wise leader.