The Enlightened Executive: Conversations on Corporate Citizenship

(Living Media 2000 Int’l Inc., 2000)

Soon to be published!

Endorsements for The Enlightened Executive

“What Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions did for scientific thinking, The Enlightened Executive will do for business thinking. This is one of the most important books I have ever read. Wise, insightful and smart.”

Martin Rutte

President, Livelihood Management Consultants

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“As our global community becomes more interconnected, it becomes even more important for corporations to take a more holistic view of their role in society. Karl Erik Edris’ work in general and The Enlightened Executive in particular has been a source of great inspiration for me when trying to expand the corporate agenda”.

Mats Lederhausen

Vice President, Global Strategy, McDonald’s Corp

“The Enlightened Executive is a remarkable tour-de-force that travels with its protagonist through the philosophical and spiritual byways of the last millennia to unlock remarkable breakthrough insights and place unshakable foundations grounded in the wisdom of the ancients under the modern spirit and business movement. Not only that, but it is a remarkable story about how a CEO of a major corporation achieves a personally enlightened under-standing of business, and best of all, it gives you the tools so you can do it yourself.”

Gordon Davidson

President, The Center for Visionary Leadership, Washington, DC

“The business culture is at a turning point, progressing beyond the untenable assumption of continuous growth toward a greater emphasis on human capital and responsibility to society. The Enlightened Executive is a provocative and entertaining roadmap to that new world-view. It is a must-read for anyone in, or aspiring toward, a leadership role.”

Claudine Schneider

US Congresswoman (1980-90),

Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics,

Chair of the US Committee for UNDP

“Since politics is constantly lagging behind in responding to economic and technological change, the role of leadership in business becomes increasingly important. In The Enlightened Executive, Mr. Edris convincingly shows that issues like ethics and global responsibility can be integrated into the business agenda and provides hope for all of us who desperately look for new approaches to the many threats to our culture and to life on the planet.”

Anders Wijkman

Member of the European Parliament

Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

“In my judgment, the reasoning presented in The Enlightened Executive will be the dominant thinking in the companies of the future.”

Christer Malm

President and CEO of SBAB, Sweden

“The Enlightened Executive is a must read for any visionary CEO who wants to understand the upcoming challenges of today’s corporations, and how business can make a positive contribution to society. In an entertaining yet informative and realistic way, Mr. Edris also explains the reasons behind the inherent internal power struggles of the corporate world. The book instills inspiration and empowerment to find the right balance in life. This book should be mandatory reading in all management courses.”

Harry Nudel

Partner, Balance Corporate Advisors Inc.

“I wish every business leader would give him/herself the gift of reading this fascinating and thought-provoking book.”

Rolf V. Osterberg

Founding member of The World Business Academy Former President and CEO of SF, one of Europe’s largest movie production companies

Author of Corporate Renaissance: Business as an Adventure in Human Development

“The development of a more comprehensive, humanistic world-view will play an increasingly vital role in how organizations evolve, or dissolve, in response to the new paradigm of the Knowledge Era. In The Enlightened Executive, Karl-Erik Edris brings this perspective into the world of business. Most admirable!”

Margareta Barchan

President & CEO, Celemi

Swedish Business Woman of the Year

“No matter who you are, or where you are in your organization, The Enlightened Executive will give you the visionary insights you need to find true fulfillment in your work.”

Richard Barrett

Fellow of the World Business Academy

Author of Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization

“A truly insightful account of what motivates people and how decision-making cannot be separated from broader questions that are important to society. The Enlightened Executive is an eye-opener on how business and society relate to each other.”

Georg Kell

United Nations Senior Officer, Executive Office of the Secretary-General